21 museums - 1000 stories

Lofotr Viking Museum is a part of the company Museum North. Museum North administrates most museums in the region of Lofoten islands, Vesterålen islands and the Ofoten region (around Narvik and Tysfjord). Pr 2014, Museum Nord consists of 18 museums, each of them sharing important and interesting parts of the regions history.

We are happy to recommend visits at our nearby museums. Explore the history of the fishing villages and the lofoten fisheries in Kabelvåg and Å, get aquainted with north Norwegian fairytale writer Regine Normann in Bø (Vesterålen islands), visit the Fishing industrial museum - really interesting - get to know the war history in Svolvær, the life of a polar hunter in Andenes - and much more. Read more about Museum Nord.