List of available positions, summer 2018. The list will be extended, with more positions, until January 2017. (Only in Norwegian text. If you are interested and skilled for one or more of the below described positions, please contact us for further information. Please prepare a complete CV and credentials for applications for available positions.)

Please note that some positions are for the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, not Lofotr Vikingmuseum. Employer is Lofotr Næringsdrift AS on both museums)

The museum is open all year. The busiest time of year is summer. From May 1st until September 15th, the museum is open every day. During the season we need employees for full and part time work, who enjoy having contact with people and wish to develop their own knowledge of language by telling others about the Viking age in a personal way.

- Guided tours for individuals and groups, mainly in the Chieftain`s house.
- A background in archaeology, history and travel or good language skills is an advantage.

- Demonstrate and exhibit old handcraft.
- Disseminate knowledge of old handcraft to the visitors.
- A background in archaeology, history and travel or good language skills is an advantage.

Sales staff:
- Work in the Museum Shop.
- Provide the guests with information about the museum and Lofoten.
- Prepare and sell soup over an open fire in the chieftain’s hall.
- Waiter/waitress staff for the museum café.
- Work in the Ticket Office

For all these jobs we take it for granted that you speak English. Applicants who also speak German, French, Spanish or Italian will be shown a preference.

Please apply, enclosing testimonials showing education and experience. Remember to specify which occupation and time period you can work, and if you want full or part time employment. Applicants who want to work continuously for more than four weeks will also be shown a preference.

Applications must be sent in no later than February 5th.
We will contact the applicants that we find are qualified for the positions after the application deadline. 

Please use the frontpage for your application. You can download the frontpage here.

Post your application to: Lofotr Vikingmuseet, Prestegårdsveien 59, 8360 Bøstad, Norway