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Lots of fun and interesting activities takes place at Lofotr Viking Museum through the summer. 

  • Museum sundays with special activities for children.
  • Viking games; archery, axe throwing, horseshoe throwing, balance games. 
  • Workshops and lectures.
  • Lofotr viking festival, every year in August 
  • Exhibitions, get to know the chieftain at Borg and Lofoten in the Viking age. 
  • Film: "Dreaming about Borg".
  • Cr CraftsCcrCraftspeople demonstrate viking age crafts - and you can try it yourself.
  •  In addition to this and the summer program, you are welcome to the following events: 

In October, November and December: Frøys Jolblot. 
Last Saturday in Nov or first in Dec: Christmas workshop for the family, making traditional christmas ornaments,  try baking flat bread over the open fire. Free entrance. Big sale in the Museum gift shop. Sale of coffee and waffels. 1200 - 1500.