"Skjeltersjå" is a building construction that is a smaller house, mostly used for storage - like a shed. The Skjeltersjå normally has walls that allows some wind and air to enter, but to keep most of it, along with sun and precipitation out. The building technique is a combionation between "laft" and "stav" (laft being a construction mostly used with horisontal timber, stav vertically standing material of thinner quality).

Our house/shed is 9  x 5 meters and located close by the smithy, the boat house and the viking ship pier. The house may be used with one of two rooms, thanks to a non-bearing wall that can be mounted/de-mounted according to needs. We use the shed today as a small cafeteria, for serving hot and cold drinks and light meals during summer season (15.06. - 15.08.). NB! Outdoor seating only.