At Borgpollen there are remains of three boathouses from the Viking Era or Middle Ages. The one most nearby is located ca. 900 meters north west of the chieftain´s house. The largest is 26 metres long, sufficiently large to house "Lofotr", a copy of the 23 metre long Gokstad ship from the 9th century that was found near the Oslo fjord.

Based on information from excavations at Rennesøy in Rogaland, a 29,6 metre long boathouse has been reconstructed. The vikingship "Lofotr" is to wide for the original boathouse, so the reconstruction is 1 metre wider than the excavated boathouse from Rennesøy. The walls are curving slightly, being widest at 6,8 meters at the middle, 5,9 meters wide at one end and 4 meters at the back wall. 

There is one separate room in the boathouse, used for storage.

The boathouse is open for visitors during the summer.