A full-scale reconstruction of the Gokstad ship was made at Lofotr Vikingmuseum in 1992. The ship was named "Lofotr". Different considerations were made to find practical solutions for the ship. For example: the hull was made of pine instead of oak. "Lofotr" is a very good ship for sailing in open sea and has won regattas. 

"Lofotr" was wrecked once, in 1994. One of the reasons for the accident could have been a difference between the iron used in the nails of today and the nails used in the Viking age. Iron that is made of ore from swamp is more bendable and more resistant against erosion. "Lofotr" was rescued and repaired, and is used by the museum during summertime. The ship is in the boathouse during wintertime.

Technical data:
78 fot (23.3m) long between stern and stem
5,4 m wide
2 m height in the middle of the ship
10 tons hull
18,5 m high mast
5-5,5 m long oars
16 sesser (16 men rowing on each side of the ship)
5000 nails

"Femkeipingen"/ten oars rowing boat
Together with the Gokstad ship it was found three smaller boats. Femkeipingen is the largest of these boats with a length of 10 metres. The word "femkeiping" means that the boat has 5 pair oarlocks. The other ships found is called «færinger» and were about 8 and 5 metres long. These boats have been used together with the Gokstad ship. The boats were found in broken down pieces, and they had to be puzzled together.

 The project of building a “femkeiping” started in January 2002. The boat is built in full size, and materials are of oak - just like the original. Other reconstructions have shown that the boat is very quick to row, and it turns out to coincide with our experiences. The boat is suitable also for sailing. The project was led by our local boat builder Frik Harald Bjerkli.    

In 2006, the Museum bought a Polish copy of the Gokstad ship. The ship was built in 2000 and is 65% size of the Gokstad ship. The ship was named "Jomsborg" but was renamed when it came to Lofoten. The "Vargfotr" is colorfully decorated and being used a great deal during summer.