Groups (15 persons or more):
Should pre-book their visit, even when arriving within ordinary opening hours. Bookings placed and confirmed no later than 1 week before arrival are getting our best group prices (prices and opening hours)

How much time should you spend?
In order to have a pleasant visit you should spend 1,5 - 2 hrs. This will be sufficient to walk through our two exhibitions, see the film (ca 13 min) and the reconstructed Chieftain´s house. If you wish to visit the Viking ship, the reconstructed smithy and the boathouse you will need extra time. Walking distance (one way) is ca. 1.400 meters from the Chieftain´s house, along gravel roads. 

Practical information:
In the chieftain´s house, there is alway one or more vikings present. They will be very happy to answer your questions.

15.06. - 31.08. there are extra activities available for you to participate in. Individual travelers do not need to prebook. Groups wanting to make sure there is capasity enough or wanting their own arrangements must prebook. 

Guided tours
In our permanent displays/exhibitions and film information is given through audio guides (headsets), available in Norwegian, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish. In the Chieftain´s house, guided tours are given for groups that prebook.  

Food and drinks
During summer, soup and mead (honey wine) is for sale in the Chieftain´s house. Groups should prebook. 
We offer food, drinks and entertainment in the Chieftain´s house all year for prebooked groups. 

During summer the museum has an open cafeteria in the Glassgården (entrance area), serving sandwiches, dinner of the day, cold and varm drinks, ice cream and cakes. There is also an open cafe by the viking ship (outdoor seating only). 

Groups should book their visit prior to arrival, also within opening hours. In order to make your visit efficient and to your wishes, we need to know:
Date of arrival
Time of arrival. Film starts every 20 minutes, i.e. 10.00, 10.20, 10.40, 11.00, etc. Arrival of groups will be coordinated with the film. 

Number of guests in the group
Preferred language for the guided tour in the Chieftain´s house
Do you wish to taste our mead, meals or participate in activities?

Telephone + 47 76 08 49 00 or e-mail