Museum Nord

Lofotr Viking Museum is a part of Museum Nord. The foundation has it's operation in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Ofoten. Museum Nord has several ongoing research projects based on the cultural heritage of the region.



The Viking era in Scandinavia is now more easily accessible both to locals and tourists.

A joint Nordic project financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers has under the topic “Power, myth and monument” transformed several of the places the Vikings have lived and gathered into an interactive multimedia project. About 15 new Nordic hubs will be added to the projects next phase that is already in progress.

On the website everybody can take a virtual trip. The trip goes to Jelling in Denmark, Borre in Norway and Old Uppsala in Sweden with Odins ravens, Hugin and Munin.

On the site there are questions that the user can answer, as well as different facts. All depending on which year the user venture into.

A picture of time lines shows a number of Viking settlements in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland as well as the Faroe Islands, so that the user can follow the development in settlements through time.

The Nordic network behind the project also cooperate on a wider front with exchange of experiences and new ideas on how the shared Nordic cultural heritage can be brought to life.

Additionally the project works on joint methods for exchanging experience and marketing, as well as working to create a place for future projects to emerge.


Live Arch and ExArc - Experimental Archaeology

This is a network of open air museums and other facilities that are involved in experimental archaeology. The goal is to increase the standard of both research results and the presentation of these to the audience. The project will motivate and include other insitutions and help them to a higher level.

Lands that are participating are: Germany, Netherlands, Latvia, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, England, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Scotland, Austria, Lithuania as well as Norway. LiveArch is a network of museums that focus on living history aiming to spread knowledge and work for a greater interest in our shared European history among the people.


Norce - Northern Coastal Experience

The project is aimed towards coastal culture in the North-Atlantic area and involves partners from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Faeroe Islands and The British Isles (Orkney Islands, Shetland). From this project has come a cookbook, that tells of food traditions along the coast in the different countries. Additionally there has been created a dictionary for boats that is based on old methods.


ARENA Innovative Opplevelser (ARENA Innovative Experiences)

The Arena programs goal is to increase value creation in regional business environment. These are environments with a concentration of businesses within the same industry/value chain, that together can form a well developed environment of expertise.


Novadis – Experience based value increase

Novadis is an active knowledge environment for value creation on experience based tourism. The centre will be a door opener between research and industry. Closeness to the research environments makes us capable of looking into new issues. And we happily accept these directly from businesses.


Pajautas is a union of hand crafters and experimental archaeologists that are associated with a LiveArch museum in Lithuania;State Cultural Reserve of Kernave. They have visited us and demonstrated their hand crafts during one of our Lofotr Viking festivals.

Destination Viking and the EU-project "Follow the Vikings"

Visit Arctic Europe - a tourism related project, across the borders of Northern Norway, Northern Sweden and Northern Finland