The Lady of the houses lamb soup is truly a favorite among our guests. No wonder! Lamb from Lofoten, root vegetables and local herbs - all cooked together over the open fire in the grand feasting hall. Generous portions are being served, accompanied by Viking bread and sour cream. The bread is also made on ingredients available in Lofoten during the Viking Age. You may even try the drink of the Norse gods, the golden mead. 

In the gildehallen/the grand feasting hall, Vikings were gathering for political discussions, religious rituals and grand feasts. Relations between men/women were strengthened and grand decisions made in the gildehallen. Enjoy your meal and let history add the extra flavours.

The lamb soup is being served ca between 1200 - 1700 hrs in the periode June 15 - August 15. Individual travelers does not need to prebook/make reservations, but all groups should book well before arrival. For groups, we are happy to serve lamb soup and other meals any time of the day, any day of the year - as long as it is prebooked.