Lofotr Vikingmuseum offers one, high quality conference hall for rent. Group work can be done in the  glass-covered lobby ”Glassgården” and in the  museum café. The price of the conference hall also includes use of ”Glassgården”.

The movie room has projector, large movie screen, 1 handheld microphone, and 1 lapel microphone. Computer, remote, and any sound- and light equipment must be provided by customer.

Conference room:
Half day (4 hours) NOK 1500
Full day (8 hours) NOK 2500
With more than 12 participants, there is a surcharge of NOK 25 per person.

Visit in the Chieftain House and guided tours in the exhibition and movie can be booked, and are included in the price for meals in the Chieftain House.

The movie theatre has 124 seats, with room for additional portable chairs. Maximum capacity approx. 150 persons. Auditorium. Panel debates possible.

Food and drinks during the meeting
The Museum cafeteria serves hot and cold drinks, salads, cakes, etc. This must be booked in forehand. Coffee/tea buffet: Half day NOK 40 per person. Full day NOK 60 per person
Cakes or fruits: NOK 50 per pers per serving
Meals: By request.

Get to know the Viking Age and try  “A Taste of the? Viking Age”
We recommend a visit in the exhibitions and the reconstructed Chieftain House.
In the Chieftain House we serve “A Taste of the?Viking Age”. Meet the Chieftain, the Lady, and others from the Chieftain Seat at Borg. Join a feast, a story told through food, song, dance and role play.

Let participants join in friendly competition: row the Viking ship, throw axes, and try your hand at archery.

You will long remember a Conference on Historical Ground. Welcome!