Hoist the sail!
Take part in one of the most exciting activities of the Viking age; sail or row a Viking ship.
The Viking ship Vargfotr is a replica of the well known Gokstad ship. This was found in a burial mound in Sandefjord, impressive 23,8 meters long. Our Vargfotr is a smaller copy.

From the Viking harbour, we sail in historic waters. The tour is being conducted by the «høvedsmann»; the Viking ship captain. If the winds are good, there will be sailing. If not, you will get to practice your skills as a rower – we depend on you and your group to row the Viking ship.

Available: spring, summer, fall. Weather conditions apply.
Time use: ca 45 min pr sail/row. Time to walk from the Viking Chieftain longhouse in addition.
10- 36 persons:                                       NOK 6000
Surcharge for 37 – 72 persons:           NOK 2000
Surcharge for 73 – 108 persons:         NOK 2000

Archery, axe throwing and horse show throwing. Select the group’s best men and women.
Duration: ca. 30 – 60 minutes.
Price, up to 50 persons: NOK 3000
Surcharge for 51 – 100 persons: NOK 1500
Surcharge for 101 – 150 persons: NOK 1500

Local musicians entertain with songs and music from late Viking Age and early Middle Age.
Duration: ca. 15 – 20 minutes
Price: NOK 3000

Viking Chieftain
If you wish, the Chieftain can be present as the host. He will host the event and tell of his life with his Lady and the other people of Borg.
Price NOK 3000

”Hunting the light” – the Winter Feast of the Vikings
Feel the magic as sacrifices are made to the gods to prevent Ragnarok – the end of the world. The son is gone and the volve-witch is called to see what the future holds. The chieftain makes the sacrificial speech. A role play illustrating the Viking Age world view, and how they related to the gods and their dead ancestors.
Price NOK 4000