The Chieftain house has three rooms used for events:?The Living Quarters (where most of everyday life took place):?The Feast Hall (work, rituals, celebrations and feast)?Yggdrasil room (stable in the Viking Age. Today the world?tree Yggdrasil is the focal point of the room):?Groups bigger than 100 persons will be distributed between the three rooms. There may be more than one event in the Chieftain house at the same time.

We normally calculate about 60 minutes for viewing the exhibitions and movie. The excellent museum shop can be visited after the feast in the Chieftain House. Feasts/meals normally last between 2 and 4 hours, including visits to the exhibitions. The duration is also dependent on the size of the group.

Practical information
Events are performed in Norwegian or English. Tours in the exhibitions and the movie are done with audioguides, available in 6 languages (Norwegian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German). During the summer we normally can offer guiding in 8 – 10 different languages. We recommend using casual clothes and flat shoes. In the winter, dress in warm clothes. 

During the museum opening hours the whole Chieftain House is open for the general public. Accordingly, it must be expected that guests may enter the rooms where events take place.

Feasts and meals can be pre booked all year, also outside regular operating time.

Below each menu.?Prices for feasts and meals include entrance and guided tour of museum. Drinks and certain acts (e.g. Chieftain) cost extra.?Feasts and meals in the Chieftain House are offered for groups of 12 or more fully paying guests. For groups of less than 12 persons, they have to pay for 12 persons.

 Events – this is how they happen
The group will arrive at the glass-covered lobby “Glassgården” and meet the museum’s host. We distribute audioguides for our modern, excellent exhibitions and movie. In the exhibitions you will hear about the discovery, the excavations and the history of Borg. Of course, you can also see unique archaeological finds.

In the Chieftain House the oil lamps are lit, and the fire in the open hearth gives heat and light. The members of the household, dressed in clothes of the Viking Age, serve mead and wine from Frankish pottery. The meals (choose from various menus) are fit for the gods, and based on old North-Norwegian traditional food. Guests will be dressed in Viking cloaks and are thus ready to be seated.

Through the meal, songs, drinks and role play/theatre, guests take part in the history of the Viking Age in a living and engaging way. (Duration of meals and the extent of theatre/songs/role play vary between different meals.) Choose between different menus and acts. If the chieftain is booked for the event, he will take charge of the evening and tell of his life with the Lady and the other people at Borg.

The Vikings at Borg have waited for you for more than 1000 years. Welcome!