Our on-site archaeologic museum also offers nice walks along gravel paths, to see the Viking ship, the reconstructed boat house and smithy. For outdoor walks, remember to dress according to the season of the year. Along the gravel paths you will find information posters on excavated sites, finds, burial mounds and more. NB. During winter, the viking ship, the smithy and the boathouse are not available due to snow. 

The museum is located close by the road E10. You will find a map here. Bus-stop (public transportation) is nearby. The administration staff is located in Prestegårdsveien road no 59, a few hundred meters away from the reconstructed chieftain´s house and the permanent displays . 

Individual travelers buy their ticket on arrival, or book online
Groups should order their tickets prior to arrival. Please contact us pr email, fax or telephone and we will book your visit according to your wishes.  

Museum gift shop:
In the museum gift shop you may purchase gifts and articles related to the viking era and Lofoten in general. Here you will find a wide selection on books, jewellery, knit wear, t-shirts, postcards and more. 

Refreshments, food
In the welcoming area ("Glassgården") our café is open 1st of June - 1st of September, offering ice cream, cakes, sandwiches and meals, hot and cold bevarages. 
In the Chieftain´s house lamb soup and mead (honey wine) is for sale 15th of June - 15th of August. During summer the Skjeltersjåen café (by the viking ship, reconstructed smithy and boat house) is open, serving hot and cold beverages, quick meals ane more NB! Payment only with cash in the Skjeltersjåen café. 
Groups can book their meals/viking feasts in the Chieftain´s house all year. 

Credit cards / payment
We accept most credit cards, and cash in NOK, SEK, Euro and USD. In the Skjeltersjåen café: cash only .

Ample parking space (no fees) close by road E10. A part of the parking place is reserved for buses, mobile homes and caravans. Bicyckles may be parked close by the entrance (limited number of spaces). Handicapped guests may park in a designated parking space close to the museum entrance. 

Buses may drop their passengers off at entrance B, collection them again at the main parking. Bus must be parked at the bus parking. Please contact us for further information. 

Due to our domestic animals/farm animals, dogs and other pets are not allowed in the museum area. We are grateful for your understanding of this matter. 

Physically disabled/handicapped:
Designated parking area by entrance B. The museum is partly easily accesible for wheel chairs. Outdoors, there are only gravel roads, and the terrain is slightly hilly. In the Chieftain´s house, there are high tresholds. The museum has wheelchair ramps available. 

Tourist information
For information on activities, accommodation, travel advice, please contact www.lofoten.info

We care for our environment:
- and work according to the system " Miljøfyrtårn". Miljøfyrtårn is a licenced system which we need to re-apply for every year, after having accomplished the demands of the system. It all reflects in our daily management of the museum, from waste recycling to how much paper we produce and how we deposit our waste. 

Museum Nord
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