To participate as a Viking you must have something to offer for the festival guests. If this also is suitable for other Vikings to take part in, it is great. We are looking for Vikings that can tell stories, demonstrate arts and craft, give lectures/workshops, performances (theater, music, other), have market stalls with a suitable selection of goods/produce - or other. Please contact us if you would like to participate. We offer a festival with lots of guests, good atmosphere and many skilled Vikings. 

Lofotr Viking Festival is the northernmost Viking festival in Norway. First time it was held was in 2004. The festival is held every year, 5 days in August. 

The festival takes place at Lofotr Viking Museum, located on the Lofoten islands, well above the polar circle. Lofoten islands has been called "the world´s most beautiful islands" by National Geographic and is a widely know destination for travelers. Lofotr Viking Museum has reconstructed the largest viking house ever excavated – in the world. 

The festival presents living history from the Early Iron Age (ca 900 – 1200). We aim to present a festival with an authentic feel for both our viking participants and the audience/visitors. With 100 – 130 viking participants, the festival is not the largest but holds a reputation as a well organized, attractive and well visited festival. .

As a viking participant you get

  • A fine opportunity to visit the Lofoten islands
  • To enjoy the natural scenery, with easy access for hiking in the mountains, fishing in the sea, museums & culture, white sandy beaches and incredible sunsets. 
  • to meet with skilled Vikings from far north and far south
  • To take part in a well renowned, well organized and popular festival amongst both vikings and visitors. 
  • To visit the Lofotr Viking Museum – nominated for "European Museum of the Year 2013" 
  • To stay for 5 days in the festival area – a beautiful location surrounded by fjord and mountains
  • To experience music/concerts, singing, dancing, theatre
  • To participate in workshops or host your own workshops, performances or other, all related to the Viking Age
  • To enjoy locally produced food
  • To participate in Viking Age related activities, such as historical games, training camp for fighters, making of jewelry, ceramics, rowing the viking ship  and much more
  • To take part in the Lofotr Viking Banquet in the Chieftain´s house – a truly memorable experience!

We aim for a festival with an authentic feel and interesting content for both viking participants and visitors. Thus, common rules on plastics, clothing, cell phones, contents of workshops etc applies. We reserve the right to control the quality of the activities and goods for sale, and to dismiss those who do not follow market rules. There is no commission to the Festival on sold goods.

The market and the festival takes places outdoor at the museum area. Some activities are held in the reconstructed long house, the boat house or the smithy. The festival 2013 had ca 5000 visitors from all over the world during the 5 days of the festival. Capacity is still good. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, or for application to the Lofotr Viking Festival.

Application for Lofotr Viking festival is now open. There is a limited number of places, so do not hesitate to send your application. The booking will close once there are enough eligible Vikings, or May 1st. 

Please use this form for submitting your application

For info for Vikings and volunteers: 

Best regards,

Vegard Kaasen Engen
curator Lofotr Vikingmuseum
(+47) 909 36 313