Program Lofotr Vikingfestival 9 - 13 august 2017
1100  - 1800 Market and food stall/Skjeltersjåen kafe open
1200 - 1800 Vikingship; sail and row. Duration pr trip ca 25 min. Meet up, some waiting must be expected.
  Activities, performances, games etc: on festival area if nothing else is stated. The Vikings speak English. Some performances are in English, some in Norwegian language.
  Viking games for children and adults - all day
  Changes in program may occur 
1000 Workshops and lectures. See and posters on area. 
1100 Festival opens every day. Except Wednesday, with opening ceremoni 1200
1130 Storytelling for families. Jerker: "Gods, heroes and the common people" (Engl)
1200 Opening ceremony, for all. Only Wednesday. 
1230 Juggling show with Trúdr
1300 Fightshow with Alenfit
1300 Hnefatafl board game. Learn the Viking age chess. NB Viking longhouse
1330 Music in the Viking age. Musical lecture for children, with Kjell Braathen
1500 Workshops and lectures. See and posters on area
1500 Storytelling, for families. Jerker "Guder, helter og småfolk" (Norw)
1500 Håløyg games
  Wednesday: Archery competition, Vikings and visitors
  Thursday: Kubb (Viking game), Vikings and visitors
  Friday: Fashion show, Vikings. Visitors: come and see
  Saturday: Rowing competition, pre-booked teams
  Sunday: Axe throwing competition, Vikings and visitors
1600 Theatre for the family. Fenja, Menja. "Tell us what the world is made of"
1630 Closing ceremoni (Sunday only)
1630 Juggling with Trúdr (not Sunday due to closing ceremony)
1700 Fightshow with Alenfit
1700 Archery competition. Festival Vikings. Sunday: the final
1730 Archery competition for children. Prizes for all
1800 Festival closes. Museum open til 1900
2300 Firenight with Trúdr. Show with fire. Nearby Viking longhouse. Separate ticket. FRIDAY only.