Vikingfestival 2018

Lofotr Vikingfestival will be arranged August 8 - 12 2018. Program will be ready by late spring. Click to see the festival film.

Vikings from Norway and abroad conquers the festival area, participating in and organizing conserts, markets, theater performances, fighting shows, games, competitions, handicraft demonstrations, workshops of many kinds – and more. Ca 100 Vikings from far and near will be gathering at Lofotr in August. 

The program offers interesting activities for both children and adults, families and larger groups. Wether you are visiting us as a tourist or are a local resident, we feel confident that you will find something of interest and decide to spend one or several days at the viking festival. There will be viking games and competitions, juggling and tricks, theatre performances of various kinds, archery, axe throwing, conserts, handcraft demonstrations and of course also fighting shows.

Vikings from both Norway and other countries will participate with market stalls, activities, workshops and more. Together with the vikings from Borg in Lofoten they all contribute to a festival with a great atmosphere. The surroundings of the festival, with autentic buildings, the location by the sea and the mountains – it all makes for a festival with many qualities and lots of exciting experiences for both visitors and viking participants.