6 December 2023

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The last Saturday before Advent we have a tradition of making a Christmas workshop for young and old, and we did that again this year! Saturday December 2nd we opened the doors and many exciting activities were ready for our guests. In the dark and cold start of December it was bright and warm at Lofotr Viking Museum where the Christmas mood factor was very high. The Christmas tree was decorated and the horse Anastasia was ready to take the little ones on a little horseback ride in the yard. Cutting, gluing, sanding and stick bread baking were just some of the activities that were also on the agenda.


The atmosphere in the chieftain’s house was wonderful and magical, and all the guests were challenged to make something nice for Christmas. It was Viking music, smell of ready-made stick bread and sodd in the Feast hall where the chieftain and his wife have the Viking feasts. Various textile crafts were available, and you could also dress up as a Viking. There were also many different activities with wood! We were allowed to share the Christmas spirit with 385 visitors! Children and adults together with Lofotr’s Vikings prepared gifts, cards and decorations for Christmas. We really enjoyed ourselves and got a lot of nice feedback that the families did too. It was definitely great to see so many kids enjoying themselves! Many of them were very excited to make small gifts to give to their loved ones both with the help of their parents or on their own.

The store had Christmas sales of lots of merchandise as well as good prices on annual passes for 2024. Did you know that the annual pass at Lofotr Viking Museum also includes the Viking Festival and many other events.

Thank you to everyone for helping to create the Christmas spirit with us!

We look forward to seeing you again during the year and maybe also to next year’s workshop. True to tradition, there will also be workshops on the Saturday before 1 Advent in 2024, i.e. 30 November 2024?!

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