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Join us for a Viking feast

The Viking Chieftain and the lady of the house welcomes you to a delicious meal in the impressive feasting hall. Get to know the people of Lofotr - join us for a travel more than 1000 years back in time (below offer is for individual travelers only).

Upon entering the longhouse, you will smell the tar, the smoke and the delicous food. Well seated along the tables, the Vikings of Lofotr welcomes you to get to know history through this festive meal. Enjoy the food, the music and the storytelling and take part in a travel more than 1000 years back in time.

The location of the Viking chieftains longhouse is spectacular and offers great views of the island and Lofoten during summer and very good conditions for spotting the northern lights during autumn and winter.

The Viking feast: dinner: dish of lamb with garnish, made Viking style and with Lofoten lamb - the best that is to offer. Mead - honeywine 13% alcoholic (2 glasses), storytelling, music and traditional dance.

Practical information: Park at museum main park. Meet at main entrance 18:30 (if nothing else is agreed) for film, archaeological exhibitions and time to see the Viking Chieftains longhouse before the meal starts. The meal starts ca 1945. The museum gift shop is open after the meal. Museum closes at 2100.

Booking: no later than 1200 same day, tel 76 08 49 00 or by e-mail. Minimum number of participants apply. The Viking feast will be confirmed shortly after 15:00 the day of the arrangement, based on number of participants. Dietary needs must be given notice when booking the Viking feast. Bookings after 12:00 must be sent by e-mail

Prices (2018)
Adult: NOK 925
Children 5-15 years NOK. 625
Children 4 years and less: free
Ticket to museum entrance is included when visiting the same day as the Viking feast.

Groups: The above offer is valid only for individual travellers. We are happy to tailor Viking feast for groups. Please contact us via e-mail or tel 76 08 49 00, or visit the menu for groups located here.

TEL: +47 76 15 40 00

EMAIL: booking@lofotr.no

WEB: www.lofotr.no