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About us - Lofotr Viking Museum

Lofotr Viking Museum was opened in 1995.

The museum’s main task includes research and presentation with emphasis on the Iron Age. There are about 10 full-time employees at the museum. Additionally, about 40 seasonal workers are employed at the museum during the summer. In 2017, about 95,000 people visited the museum. The museum administration is housed in the old vicarage of Borg, a stone’s throw away from the museum. Office time: weekdays 08:00 – 15:30.

Museum Nord - 21 museums, 1000 stories. Lofotr Viking Museum is part of Museum Nord. Museum Nord is northern Nordland’s consolidated museum unit and includes most museums in the regions of Ofoten, Vesterålen and Lofoten. Museum Nord is responsible for operations at those museums in Ofoten, Vesterålen and Lofoten which receive financial assistance via the Norwegian Ministry of Culture’s grants system for museums.

The grants system requires that Nordland County Council and the individual municipalities involved also contribute financially. Immerse yourself and be amazed. 21 museums are ready to tell you over a thousand stories. Welcome!

The museum has Eco-Lighthouse certification. Eco-Lighthouses.

Lofotr Viking Museum cares about the environment and makes every effort to adapt operations so that any environmental impact is kept a to a minimum. This involves, amongst other things, the sorting of refuse, the minimisation of energy usage and consumption, conscious buying (eco-labelled goods where possible, etc.), running the barn and stables in such a way as to ensure good husbandry, and lots more. Lofotr Viking Museum’s annual “climate and environment” report is available on request.

We aim to generate traffic for the tourist industry in Lofoten and contribute towards developing year-round activity in the area. We generate local pride and identity. The museum creates jobs and helps make Lofoten more attractive for both locals and visitors. We contribute towards local community activities with particular focus on children and young people.

Museum Nord Narvik - foto: Kjell Ove Storvik


What is Museum Nord?

Come and visit us in the North of Norway! Meet those who work at sea, in the fields, the mountains and in the mines. Our coast line has always been our life line. It has shaped our communities here in the North, and it has offered great wealth to those who were skilled to navigate it – Vikings, landowners, traders and industrialists.

Throughout history our people have always been connected. Our culture depends on the strong links to Europe and to the world – whether this is the Hurtigruten line, the Coastal Highway One or the fishing industry exporting dried cod as far as Nigeria or South America.

Life in the North is about extraordinary people. Over the centuries people have lived from the rich harvests of the sea and the barren lands. They have been working in the mines and in the navy during peace times and during war. In these harsh, northern conditions fisher-farmers have become outstanding entrepreneurs. A folk of resilient men and women; and they know how to have a good time, and how to tell a story…

Museum Nord brings you close to the past, the present and the future of Northern Norway. Listen to the stories and be inspired and amazed by 21 museums. Welcome!

Network, projects and awards

  • Exarc

    Exarc is a network of museums which are based on archaeology, built on-site (on the location where the main find was made) and which practice experimental archaeology. Read More
  • Destination Viking

    Destination Viking is a network for venues engaged in the presentation of Viking Age history. The members are from many different countries and the purpose of the organisation is to present the world of the Vikings irrespective of national borders. Read More
  • Follow the Vikings

    “Follow the Vikings” is a Destination Viking Association project. Norwegian Cultural Heritage The Norwegian Cultural Heritage Foundation (Stiftelsen Norsk Kulturarv) is a special interest organisation whose purpose is to contribute towards the preservation of cultural heritage by way of sustainable Read More
  • Innovative Opplevelser

    Innovative Experiences (Innovative Opplevelser) is a conglomeration of businesses within the same field or associated sectors, which together create a well-developed community of expertise. Read More
  • Novadis

    Novadis is an active community of expertise focussing on economic growth in the field of experiential tourism. The centre aims to be a door opener between research communities and business. Proximity to research communities allows us to address new challenges, Read More
  • Destination Lofoten

    Destination Lofoten promotes Lofoten as a tourist destination. Read More
  • Visit Norway

    Visit Norway promotes Norway as a tourist destination. Lofotr Viking Museum works together with all parties involved. Read More
  • Visit Northern Norway

    Visit Northern Norway promotes Northern Norway as a tourist destination. Read More
  • Lofoten Cruisenetwork

    Lofoten Cruise Network consists of businesses associated with or with interests in the cruise industry. Secretariat: Destination Lofoten, Visit Arctic Europe International collaboration; businesses in northern Norway, northern Sweden and northern Finland work together to develop new products and new
  • Lofoten Winter Network

    Lofoten Winter Network of businesses that work or have been working towards the development of Lofoten as a winter destination. Read More
  • Virke

    Virke is a network for museums and tourism with focus on tourist activities and marketing work at Norwegian museums. Read More
  • The Norwegian Museum Association

    The Norwegian Museum Association (Norges museumforbund) is a special interest group within the field of museum politics and professional development. Read More
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Awards and achievements

Projects the museum takes part in relevant projects at both local and international levels (EU and EEA projects, Interreg, etc.).

The object of the projects may be linked to, amongst other things, archaeology, presentation and dissemination, innovation, research, tourism, marketing/market development. Completed and on-going projects include Follow the Vikings, Vikingu Kaimas, Sagalands, Ancient Times, Norse, Live Arch.

The European museum of the Year Award

Awards and Honours The European Museum of the Year Award is an annual event. Nominees may come from any European country. Lofotr Viking Museum was one of 28 European museums nominated for the award in 2013. Museum of the Year is a national award presented once a year. The object is to encourage making an extra effort and to call attention to initiatives which may serve as inspiration and an example to others. Lofotr Viking Museum was one of four museums nominated for the Museum of the Year Award in 2011.

Tourism Company of the Year

Tourism Company of the Year is an annual award presented as a result of collaboration between Destination Lofoten and the newspaper Lofotposten. Prospective candidates must qualify within at least one of these four criteria: collaboration, innovation, sustainability and visibility. Anyone can vote for the selected candidates, and the jury’s verdict and the votes of the people are added together to provide the winner. Lofotr Viking Museum won the award in 2010.

Lofoten’s Culinary Ambassador

Lofoten’s Culinary Ambassador is a distinction awarded every year during the “Naturligvis” (Naturally) Food Festival in Lofoten. The Food Festival lasts for two days and its object is to promote interest for, and knowledge about, food - particularly locally produced food, traditional fare and culinary culture. Lofotr Viking Museum won the award in 2010. Lofotr Viking Museum has also won HSMAI’s tourism award and a number of other distinctions.


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