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  • Exarc
    Exarc is a network of museums founded on archaeology, built “on site” (at the site where the main discovery was made) and engaged in experimental archaeology.
  • Destination Viking
    Destination Viking is a network for places that disseminate Viking Age history. The members come from many countries and the purpose is to showcase the world of the Vikings, across national borders.
  • Innovative experiences
    Innovative experiences Concentration of companies within the same industry/value chain, which together can form a well-developed competence environment.
  • Novadis
    Novadis is an active knowledge environment for value creation in experience-based tourism. The centre will be a door opener between research and industry. Proximity to the research communities enables us to raise new issues, often directly from companies.
  • Visit Norway
    Visit Norway markets Norway as a travel destination. Lofotr Viking Museum cooperates with all parties.
  • Lofoten Cruise Network
    Lofoten Cruise Network consists of companies with ties to or interest in the cruise industry. Secretariat: Destination Lofoten Visit Arctic Europe Cooperation across national borders; Companies in Northern Norway, Northern Sweden and Northern Finland work together to develop new products and new markets.
  • Lofoten Winter Network
    Lofoten Winter Network of companies that have worked/are working to develop Lofoten as a winter destination.
  • Virke
    Virke is a network for museums and tourism focusing on tourism activities and marketing work in museums in Norway.
  • The Norwegian Museum Association
    The Norwegian Museum Association is the interest organization for museum policy work and professional development.


The museum participates in relevant projects of both local and international character (EU projects and EEA projects, Interreg etc.). The purposes may be related to archaeology, dissemination, innovation, research, tourism, marketing work/market development or other. Completed and ongoing projects include Follow the Vikings, Vikingu Kaimas, Sagalands, Ancient Times, Norse, Live Arch. Awards and honors The European Museum of the Year Award is an annual award.

Follow the Vikings» is a project in DVA Norwegian Cultural Heritage The Norwegian Cultural Heritage Foundation is an interest organization with the purpose of contributing to the protection of cultural heritage through sustainable use.

Lofotr Viking Museum and Museum Nord are represented in the NORA project: Viking Network & Young Adults. The project is an international collaboration in which representatives from Iceland, Greenland, Scotland and Norway participate. The inspiration for the project is Viking history; their exploration, settlement and exploration between these lands.

NORA is a three-year project starting in 2022.


The European museum of the Year Award
The European Museum of the Year Award is an annual award. The nominees can come from any European country. Lofotr Viking Museum was one of 28 European museums nominated for the prize in 2013.

Årets museum
Museum of the Year is a national award given once a year. The goal is to encourage efforts and to emphasize good initiatives that inspire and set an example for others. Lofotr Viking Museum was one of four museums nominated for Museum of the Year in 2011.

Årets Reiselivsbedrift
Tourism Company of the Year is an award presented every year, in collaboration between Destination Lofoten and Lofotposten. Lofotr Viking Museum won the award in 2010. Nominations for candidates must qualify within at least one of four criteria, which are collaboration, innovation, sustainability and visibility. Anyone can vote for the selected candidates – both the jury’s recommendation and the population’s votes are added together.

Lofotens Matambassadør
Lofoten’s Matambassador is awarded every year during the Food Festival Naturally in Lofoten. Lofotr Viking Museum won the award in 2010. The food festival lasts for 2 days and aims to promote interest in and knowledge about food – especially locally produced food, traditional food and food culture.

HSMAIs reiselivspris
HSMAI’s tourism award HSMAI’s tourism award and other prizes have also been awarded to Lofotr Viking Museum.

Kulturprisen 2020
The Culture Prize aims to be a source of inspiration for artistic and cultural activity in Vestvågøy. Lofotr Viking Museum won Vestvågøy Municipality’s Culture Prize 2020. The museum conveys the cultural heritage of the Viking Age in a genuine and vivid way through the active participation of the public (excerpts from the grounds).