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Information for you with a disability or other special needs.

We want all our guests to have the opportunity to experience the Viking Museum. If you have a disability or for other reasons have special needs, we have compiled the information here to make it easier to plan your visit with us.


At the Viking Museum we have a large parking lot down by the main road and a small one upstairs at entrance B. At entrance B it is arranged so that you can park in designated spaces that are signposted with HC parking. On days with many visitors, we cannot guarantee that HC seats will be available. From the parking lot down by the main road there is a paved road without stairs all the way to the main building. (HC parking users must have approved and highly visible proof in a car).

Map of parking:

The Visitor Center

The Viking Museum’s access facilities are well adapted for those with disabilities. Everything is on the same floor and you therefore have easy access to both the museum shop, café, toilets and showrooms. The exhibition in the visitor centre has plenty of space and is communicated through audio guides, screens and display cases with original objects.

Chieftain’s House

The road up to the chieftain’s house is not long, but it is gravelled and is an uphill climb. There are some high door thresholds in the chieftain’s house, but the museum has its own ramps that can be used if needed. Please contact the staff upon arrival.

Serving Places

The café is adapted for everyone and can serve food according to most needs on request.

Outdoor area

The outdoor area has walkways with mainly gravel as cover, and there are steep sections on the way down to the Viking ship harbour and activity area. As a disabled person, it will be possible to drive down to the activity area. Contact the staff when you arrive at the museum so you get all the info you need. Unfortunately, it is not possible to board the Viking ship with a wheelchair.


Disabled people have easy access to wheelchair-accessible toilets inside the visitor centre and upstairs in the chieftain’s house. Down by the boathouse area there are several outhouses, but they are not wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair for lending

We have a wheelchair for loan in the visitor center. You may want to let us know in advance so you are sure that we have one available.

Entrance fees

People with disabilities pay a regular ticket, but the companion (personal assistant) with an accompanying certificate has free admission.

Assistant dogs

Dogs are not normally allowed into the visitor center and the chieftain’s house. Dogs that are at work, on the other hand, have access to all areas of the museum.

Visually impaired

There is good lighting at the entrances to the museum and at ticket sales. There is reduced lighting in archaeological exhibition and exhibition with film. There can be a big transition from daylight outside to indoor lighting in the Chieftain’s House. The chieftain’s house has reduced lighting.

Hearing impaired

Hearing impaired people can receive texts in several languages for the exhibitions upon arrival. Contact the ticket sales staff. Unfortunately, we do not have technical hearing equipment.

For asthmatics and allergy sufferers

In the Chieftain’s House, we periodically fire firewood in open fireplaces. There may be some smoke in the chieftain’s house. There is a smell of tar and a fire in the large wooden building. There are many textiles and objects indoors. We have animal furs in most of our roms. The fur is mostly from sheep and reindeer.

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