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Down by the Viking ship harbour, you will meet our beautiful Nordland horses who are more than happy to take children on small horseback rides.

Duration: Approx.10 min                       Up to 13 years                            Included in ticket



The children are provided with a suitable helmet and the horse is leaded around by one of our experienced staff. If your child is a little insecure or very small, you as a parent should walk by the side and hold the child.



Practical information:

It is you parents who lift the child onto the horse, or the child can use a stool to get up.

There are many children who want a little ride with our horses during the day. So there can be queues and some waiting time on busy days. Our horses may also need an extra breather during the day. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other great activities you can take advantage of while you wait.

This activity is available 15.06 – 15.08 during our opening hours.

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