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A Viking ship sailing


Down in the activity area you will find the Viking ship harbour.

Duration: 20 – 30 min                For everyone                  Included in the ticket



To feel the ship being moved by the work of its sail, or to even grab a hold at the oars – in step with the other guests? is an experience. Rowing the Viking ship is suitable for both young and old, young and old – and of course you do not need experience. The centurion teaches you what you need.


Practical information:


  • The Viking ship Vargfotr sails in Borgpollen in the period 15.06 ? 31.08.
  • Boat trip every day at 12:00-19:00 (15.06 ? 15.08) and 12:00-17:00 (16.08 ? 31.08).
  • New sailing trip every 30 minutes.
  • Registration for the sailing trip is reported to the boat crew at the boathouse. The boathouse is located in the harbor area, 15-20 minutes walk from the chieftain’s house.
  • There may be some waiting time, especially on busy days, but don’t despair as there are other activities you can try while you wait.  If the ship needs to be rowed instead of sailing, it is you who must take the oars and row in step with everyone else. But don’t worry, the centurion will teach you what you need to know.


Everyone should wear a life jacket and sit in the designated place. Lifebuoy is available on board.

The Viking ship is docked when there are no sailing/rowing trips. In winter, the ship lies inside the boathouse.

Welcome aboard!

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