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Archaelogical Exhibition

In the reception area (the Glasshouse), there is a permanent exhibition divided into three parts. Firstly, a room covering the discovery and excavation of the longhouse. Thereafter, an evocative film about people and events at Borg during the Viking Age. Finally, you can enjoy a collection of unique archaeological finds from Borg and the surrounding areas.

The exhibitions can be enjoyed with the help of your own smart phone and headset/earphones.

You simply put on your headphones and choose what you want to listen to – stories about the discovery of the chieftain’s house at Borg, or exhibits from the archaeological exhibition. You can also listen to the film “The Dream of Borg” on your own smart phone. Choose from six different languages. The use of your smart phone will not incur internet/roaming charges. Headphones may be borrowed from the ticket desk.

TIP: If you do not have much time, you might want to listen to the texts marked in red. This will give you the highlights of the exhibition and you can save the details until later.

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Borg from a historical point of view

You can get to know about the excavations at Borg by meeting the archaeologists.

You will meet them in one of the exhibition halls, via short videos shown on the monitors. In these videos, the archaeologists will tell you how the longhouse was discovered and how the excavations were carried out. One thing is for sure, this was a sensational find. Imagine, the world’s biggest longhouse from the Viking Age / the world of the Vikings, was uncovered at Borg in the Lofoten islands. Not only is the size unique, but also the great deal of finds created a stir far beyond the borders of Norway.

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"The Dream of Borg"

“The Dream of Borg” is an evocative film based on interpretations of the life of the Lofoten chieftain, Olav Tvennumbrunni, and the unification of Norway. The film brings you close to the lives of people of Borg during the Viking Age, and we hope it will stimulate your imagination and interest in what life was like in the Viking Age.

We have based the film on the fate of people whom we know something about. The main character in the film is a girl called Åsa. She could have been the chieftain’s daughter here in the Viking Age. Åsa can foresee the future in her dreams. She is wise and understands much of what is happening around her, even though she is a child. Through Åsa, we hear the story of the farmstead at Borg, which she is very fond of, and why her proud and courageous father, the chieftain Olav Tvennumbruni, decides to move his entire household to Iceland. The Chieftain of Borg had become a pawn in a great power struggle where the nation-builder, Harald Fairhair, and Earl Håkon Grjotgardsson were the major protagonists.

Harald Fairhair united southern Norway, but went no further than Trøndelag. There ruled Earl Håkon Grjotgardsson, who had already united the chieftains of North Norway under his command. Håkon and Harald were both so powerful that they decided to make a pact together. This was a time when free men had to make a choice as to whether they would submit to the power of the king, or be their own masters. Many left for Iceland, where they could do as they pleased, like Olav.

We also meet another chieftain in the film, Tore, who chooses to submit and becomes the king’s man at Borg. We see how his son, Eirik, and Åsa develop a deep friendship. The film is not only about major political events, but also about loss and love, longing and devotion, because people are people – and this was the case a thousand years ago, too.

The film lasts for about 12 minutes and is shown several times an hour during museum opening time.

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Archaeological Exhibition

During the excavations a number of significant Viking Age finds were made. Amongst other things, several gold foil amulets (gulllgubber) were found, indicating the importance, wealth, and power of the chieftain living here. In addition, pearls, drinking glasses, ceramics, spinning wheels, combs, swords, nails, and harness fastenings are on display, together with a replica of the Skjoldehamn costume. The exhibits are on loan from Tromsø Museum.



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