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The longhouse at Borg is a reconstruction of the original Chieftain’s House. The reconstruction is adjacent to the original site where the archaeological excavations took place.  This shows the last phase of the building (900s). The Chieftain’s House is 83 metres long and 12 metres wide, and was completed in 1995, when the museum was inaugurated.


The original house was divided into some distinct parts, which the archaeologists in the excavation identified based on how artifacts were distributed, where there were hearths, and the content of phosphate and ammonia in the ground. The reconstruction is divided into five rooms, of which three main rooms.

Foto: Florian Huber


It is believed that this part of the house contained sleeping places for those who lived In the chieftain’s farm, and that this is where everyday life took place, work was done, food was cooked and eaten.

Foto: Florian Huber


This was the centre of events at the Chieftain’s Manor – here was the place of celebrations and rituals, and it was here that the chieftain had his high seat. The most precious finds from the excavation were concentrated in the Feast Hall.

Foto: Florian Huber


In the Viking Age, this room would have been a barn and stable for livestock. In today’s reconstruction, it contains an exhibition of sculptures and figures depicting Yggdrasil and mythological creatures from Norse mythology.


In the Chieftain’s House you can really see what life could have been like at Borg in the Viking Age. By visiting the Chieftain’s House, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an experience for all senses: the smell of bonfires, the taste of Viking delicacies, look at the spectacular décor and architecture inside the house, dress up as a Viking and listen to stories.

Our craftsmen work with exciting projects: textile work, shoemaking, wood carving and much more! If you have any questions about the Viking Age, you can ask our guides in the house.

The feast had a social, political and religious function. The chieftain would then invite his allies and retinues to celebrate rituals, sacrifices to the gods, and strengthen political alliances. The chieftain and the lady of the house at Borg invite you to the Viking feast for a unique, entertaining and taste experience.


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