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Here you can learn about the Viking Age, Borg as a center of power, and how the world’s longest longhouse was found and excavated. The exhibition is divided into three rooms and the tour takes place with your own smartphone that connects to our audio guide system – then you get access to different audio tracks with information, and choose which ones you want to listen to. If you do not have your own phone, you can borrow an audio guide at the ticket point.


In the first room we show an introduction about the place (Borg in Lofoten), the excavation and the historical context. Through short films, archaeologists explain the finds and the significance of Lofotr, in a larger perspective. In the middle of the room there is a tractor that illustrates the background of why and how archaeological excavations started here in the early 80’s.

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The audio guide system has a fast track marked in red.


In the auditorium, a short film (approx. 12 min) is played with the title “The Dream of Borg”. The film is based on interpretations about Olav Tvennumbrunni and the unification of Norway under one king, and recreates an interpretation of the atmosphere and life at Borg in the Viking Age.

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The film iis played in English, but it is possible to listen to it in the other five available languages by using the audioguide system.


Here you can really see the history and the artefacts that were found during the archaeological excavations carried out in the period 1983-1989. In this room are exhibited two gullgubber, pottery shards, jewelry, a sword shaft and other fine finds from Borg and surrounding areas. 

Useful info

The audio guide system has a fast track marked in red.

Foto: Kjell Ove Storvik

Practical Info

The audio guide is available in six languages: Norwegian, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Feel free to bring your own headset.

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