Conferences – meeting rooms

Consultation and personal meetings have always been important.

At Borg, you can safely say you are on historic ground. A thousand years ago, the Chieftain would no doubt have gathered together his most entrusted men and women for counsel, rituals, and feasts. The museum’s conference hall is available for hire outside of regular opening times. We will be happy to help customise your meetings, events, and meals.

The Conference Hall
The conference hall at Lofotr Viking Museum is available for hire. Group work can be assigned to the reception area known as the Glasshouse (spacious lobby) and the museum café. The use of the Glasshouse is included in meeting room charges.

The cinema seats 124 people, and additional seating can also be arranged. Maximum capacity will then be about 150 people. Layout: auditorium. Arrangements for a debate panel can also be made.

The cinema is equipped with a projector, a large film screen, a hand-held microphone (1 pc) and a wireless lapel microphone (1 pc). Computer, remote control. You will need to bring along any other sound or lighting gear you may require.

Food and Drink
We recommend a visit to the exhibitions and the replica of the Chieftain’s House. And how about mutton broth for lunch around an open fire in the Chieftain’s House? Or why not have your conference delegates gather in the Feasting Hall for a Viking feast with an abundance of tasty fare, entertaining stories and a meeting with the Vikings of Borg? Join us for a feast, storytelling with the help of food, song, and dance. Meals for groups. Let your guests engage in friendly competition – rowing a Viking ship, axe-throwing or archery! A conference on the historic ground will be remembered for a long time. Activities for groups.

Please contact us for prices and suggestions for your event.

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