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Group Activities

A farmstead where many people were engaged in games was seen as a farmstead with able people. They were quick and agile and well suited to battle. At Lofotr Viking Museum we do everything we can to allow men and women to compete in Viking Age activities. Seek out your inner Viking and join in the games.


Participate, play and learn

Add some extra events to your group’s visit as it pans out, or to your conference, or prior to your Viking feast. How about hearing the wind whistle in the square sail of the Viking ship, or the rhythmical stroke of the oars in the water? Or why not let the evening’s meal be a Viking feast in the Chieftain’s impressive longhouse? You could also start off with a basic lunch and top it off with a musical event.

We can customise events to suit you and your group.

Based on the time you have at your disposal, the time of year, and the size of your group, we will suggest suitable events no matter whether your group is big or small. Here at Lofotr, a group usually consists of a minimum of 15 people, but we will also be happy to customise events for smaller groups. If required, we can add more and/or different activities to your event in addition to, or instead of, the ones mentioned on these pages.

Please contact us for further details.

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