Guided Tours for Groups

The museum offers special arrangements for groups with regard to food and drink and activities.

Is it necessary to book in advance?

Yes. Groups booking in advance will be met by a host/guide on arrival and given an introduction to local history before the members of the group walk around the museum on their own.

When booking please submit the following information:

  • Date of arrival
  • Time of arrival 
  • Number of people in the group
  • Desired language for guided tour (a guide will show you around the Chieftain’s House when it comes to the exhibitions and films, audio guides are used, 6 languages available).
  • Would you like to be served food and drink, a glass of mead, for instance, some lamb soup or any other meal?
  • Would you like to take part in any activities such as rowing, axe-throwing, or anything else?

Guided tours - NB: bring along your smartphone.

For groups, we offer a brief guided tour of the Chieftain’s house. When it comes to the exhibitions and the film, modern audio guides, and smart telephones are used instead of guides (available in German, English, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Italian). Ask your guests to bring along their own smartphone if possible, this will make things much easier. The use of your smartphone will not involve any extra costs (roaming or other) as the system operates on our internal Wi-Fi network.

Arrival outside of opening times?

If the museum’s opening times do not fit in with your group’s travel plans, then please contact us. The museum opens on request between the 2nd of January and 22nd of December. Closed during Christmas Holidays and New year Eve (23/12-1/1)

How much time should you allow for your visit?

To get the best possible benefit from your visit you should allow approx. 1-2 hours. This will give you time to see our two exhibitions, our film (approx. 13 minutes) and the replica of the Chieftain’s House. Should you wish to visit the Viking ship, the replica of the smithy and the boathouse, you should allow a little more time. It is about 1400 meters from the Chieftain’s House to the smithy, along pleasant gravelled pathways.

Group Discounts

When 15 or more persons travel and book together they are eligible for a group discount on admission fees. All members of the group will then pay the same admission fee, whether they are seniors, students, children or adults.

Less than 15?

… yet tempted by group discounts all the same? On payment of a minimum fee (equivalent to payment for 15 people), we can welcome you to the same conditions as with groups. We can also customise events for smaller groups, including specially adapted activities, guide and meals. Please contact us for details. Contact us.

Food and drink/meals and activities

We can customise your group’s visit and recommend what might suit you within the time available.

We recommend a combination of a guided tour and a meal, but how about some activities as well?

Activities for groups| Meals| Meals for groups

For a long period of time during the summer, a large number of activities are available, to visitors, such as rowing, horse riding for children, axe-throwing, etc. Individual visitors do not need to book these activities in advance. All you need to do is turn up at the correct venue. We cannot guarantee that entire groups will be able to take part in these regular activities. If you wish to secure a place for everyone in your group, you should book in advance.

The person booking will be required to pay for the group’s events/activities. This also applies to meals/food and drink.

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