Lammesodd - velsmakende og mettende brynje-element

Lambstew/lambsoup - Delicious and nourishing

During summer, homemade stew/soup cooked over the open fire is served to guests (groups should order in advance. Upon request, this and other meals are served all year for groups (min 15 persons).

A hearthy, filling soup with vegetables, lamb from Lofoten, spiced with the lady of the house’s herbs. The soup is served with Viking bread and sour cream. The soup is served straight out of the cauldron, normally in the Feasting hall in the Viking chieftains longhouse.

When: June 15 - August 15

Price: NOK 355,- per person

Drinks: We recommend to try the drink of the gods, the golden mead (not served to persons below the age of 18, due to Norwegian laws on alcoholic drinks)

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