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The museum shop has a rich selection of products related to history and the Viking Age.

In the museum shop you will find non-fiction, historical jewellery, replicas of historic glassware, pearls and games. We have gift items such as locally made soaps, herbs, tea, cheese and jams. We also have a rich selection of wool products, t-shirts, toys and other souvenirs. Not sure what you want to buy as a gift for someone? We sell gift cards that can be used in the museum shop, entrance to the museum and in our café.


Self-produced goods:


Our craftsmen make a lot of great things that are sold in the museum shop. Chipbands, mittens and hats in needle binding, small leather products etc.


The shop follows the museum’s opening hours and you do not need an entrance fee to visit us here.


In the Chieftain’s House at Borg the were found 5 gullgubber (golden foils). In the shop you can buy jewellery, earrings, tie pin with copies of the gold foils found here. This is the perfect gift or memory of the Viking Museum.


Hnefatafl, or the king’s table, was a popular game during the Viking Age. The game is about a Viking king who is attacked in his castle. It resembles chess, as it is a strategy game and the pieces move in the same way as the towers. The perfect game for long dark winter nights.


We have a large selection of books that deal with both the Viking Age and Lofoten. The greatest focus is on the Viking Age. Do you want to immerse yourself in Snorri’s Saga, learn more about textiles or perhaps mythology? The selection is wide and varied, like for example ship building – textile – Sagas – mythology – plant dyeing – Viking words of wisdom and other interesting topics. We also have our own small book section for children, with easy-to-read books and activity booklets.


We have a large selection of local products. Spices and tea, cheese produced by local farms, stockfish, jam, seaweed salt, etc. We cooperate with local producers such as Aalan Gård, Lofoten Gårdsysteri, Lofoten gifts and handicrafts, Arctic Water, Yngve Olsen, Lofoten Seaweed, and Lofotpils.

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Viking Chess Game


From children’s toys and adult board games, to books and clothes. Shop for your inner Viking.

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