The blacksmith and craftsmen


The blacksmith can be found every day in the smithy this summer. The smithy is located down by Viking ship harbour. You can also find craftspeople in the chieftain´s house.

In the smithy, the blacksmith is doing different exciting things. Tools and other important things needed to maintain the farm are forged here. The blacksmith is happy to receive visitors to the forge and he loves to talk about what he is doing.

Craftspeople in/by the chieftain's house also do a lot of exciting things. They work with different textile and make clothes. The craftspeople on the farm are talkative, and they love to demonstrate and talk about their craft. Feel free to stop by this summer to have a chat, and maybe learn something new about crafts in the Viking Age!

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Axe throwing and bow-and-arrow-shooting
Sail and row Viking ship

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