Flexible as a Viking?


Being agile, playful, and adventurous is good if you want to be a good Viking - and whether you are a child, young or adult.

Flexible, fast, and light on the foot. Adventurous, curious, and accurate - do you have these qualities? These are qualities that a Viking should have. Imagine you are on a Viking hunt in the woods. Then you must be quiet as a mouse, accurate and fast. Maybe you should follow someone without them seeing you? Or maybe you just want to win an activity and competition.

On the road between the Viking chieftain´s house and the ship harbor, you can try your skills in balance and flexibility games. These are games you participate in without the help of an activity leader. Bring out your inner Viking and have fun.

The activities are suitable for children, families, and other playful age groups. They are available in spring, summer, and autumn when the museum is open.

Smidig som en viking?
Axe throwing and bow-and-arrow-shooting

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