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Lofotr-vikingemuseum-Kjell-Ove-Storvik-2019-9390-coverfotosize Activities for the family at Lofotr Vikingmuseum

There will be activities and experiences for the family during summer 2020 at Lofotr Vikingmuseum. The Viking Chieftain longhouse opens June 1. Starting June 15, there will be extra activities.

Summer 2020

Craftworkers and guides are at work, ready to share their knowledge of life in the Viking age and to demonstrate their work. The farm animals, all of them of old species, are grazing on the museum outdoor areas. You may see wild sheep with their lambs, Nordland type horses, and Nordland type cows. The wild pigs/boars are kept in a paddock nearby the Viking longhouse. 

By the Viking ship harbour, the Viking ship Vargfotr is moored, together with the 5-oar-boat and a more recent traditional boat. It is a nice walk to the Viking ship harbour from the longhouse. 15 – 20 minutes on gravel roads/paths in the woods will bring you through a nice outdoor landscape and to the seaside. 

The archaeological exhibition halls are open, showing unique finds from the area. Guide is available. If you would like to dive into the sensational history, please bring your own smartphone and headset. To minimize the spreading of the Covid-19, we do not lend equipment to our guests. The use of the audioguide-system is free of charge and does not require roaming costs. Choose between 6 languages (GB, DE, SP, FR, IT, NO).

The museum gift shop is open when the museum is open, with a nice selection of books, toys, textiles, clothes, ceramics, and more. 

The museum café is open June - August, serving warm and cold meals, drinks, cakes, and ice cream. 

Lofotr Vikingmuseum - Viking life
Throw axes (June 15th - August 30th)
Hit the target with the hatchets, a fun activity for the whole family. The activity guide helps you master the technique. By the Viking ship harbour. 

Archery (June 15th - August 30th)
Find your inner Viking and try your hand at archery. Our Vikings will teach you the proper technique. Fun and challenging for both children and adults. By the Viking ship harbour area. 

Family activity: Lokis Tricky Rune Path (all summer)
An outdoor activity that leads the group/household all over the museum area. Participants receive an orientation map with instructions on how to find runes. Duration between 25-60 minutes depending on pace. Starting by the Viking chieftain's longhouse, ending by the Viking ship harbour.

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Viking age craftwork

Viking ship sailing/rowing (June 15th - August 16th)
By the Viking ship harbour, "Vargfotr" is mored, alongside with a 5-oar boat and a more recent traditional wooden boat. 

Skjelterskjåen café – outdoor serving (June 15th - August 30th) 
By the Viking ship harbour, there is a nice, little food stall/café. The cafe sells soups, hot and cold drinks, pancakes, and ice cream. 

The Vikings warm lunch – lamb stew or soups (June 15th - August 16th)
Delicious and filling, served with bread and garnish. To be enjoyed on historical grounds in the Viking longhouse. For sale in the Gildehallen/Viking longhouse.

The blacksmith (until August 6th) is at work in the smithy. Step by and see the work and hear about the blacksmith's everyday life. By the Viking ship harbour.

Please note: Changes in the program may occur. We are continuously working with preventing the spreading of Covid-19, to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. 

Take care – keep a distance – welcome!

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