Family activity: "Lokis Tricky Rune Path"

Lokes Tricky Rune Path 2020 - B. Foto: MHE, Lofotr Vikingmuseum
Join an educational and exciting activity through the landscape of the museum. Suitable for families with children between 3-12 years old.

Rune path for children

Come and join us for an exciting family activity at Lofotr Vikingmuseum! Families can learn about the Viking age and runes through a new and different activity.

We have created a route suitable for the whole family. Find the various posts that have been set up and write down the runes, but beware - Loke has been on the move and added some fake entries to the map.
A small challenge awaits those who manage to find the secret word hidden among the runes. We welcome you to a path filled with quizzes and beautiful scenery as you move along.

The activity starts in the Viking Chieftain's House and ends in the Viking Ship Harbor. The children are given a map and a pencil by a Viking who initiates the activity from the longhouse.
The trail itself is approx. 1600 meters (about 20 minutes) from start to finish through lighter hilly terrain and gravel paths. The rune path ends in the Viking Ship Harbor, where the solution and a small challenge awaits.
 Advanced issue found
Sail and row Viking ship
The Vikings’ Warm Lunch

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