Odins Seiersmaltid

Odin’s Victory Feast

Odin is the most powerful god in all of Åsgard. His two ravens fly out in the world to keep him up to date on what’s happening. Valhalla is Odin’s home and the death realm of the warriors. There is much good food in Valhalla, and the best warriors go there.

1 glass crowberry liqueur
Starter 1:
Vestfjord ham (whale meat) and trimmings
Starter 2:
Soup cooked over open fire
Main dish 1:
Leg of lamb, wild boar and steak with vegetables, mushrooms and berries
Main dish 2:
Poached salmon and gratinated cod with raw vegetables, cheese and bacon
Traditional soured dairy dessert with honey.
3 – 4 hours (incl. exhibition, movie and meal)
15 - 50 people.

Odin’s Victory Feast

ice (2020): NOK 1880,- per person - with a maximum of 50 people. The chieftain will be present during the feast.


NOK 50,-/ glass.
NOK 90,-/ glass.
Red wine
NOK 70,-/ glass.
Beer (small)
NOK 30,-/ glass.
Beer (large)
NOK 60,-/ glass.
Blueberry juice
NOK 20,-/ glass.

Note: Mead does contain Alcohol. Drinks that contains alcohol will not be served to people under the age of 18.

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