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Overview of information that may be useful to know.

How long do I need?

The offerings at the museum vary throughout the year. In summer there are extra many craftsmen / demonstrations and activities to join. In winter, the walkways are only partially plowed, the Viking ship is in a locked boathouse, so we recommend you concentrate on the permanent ones  

Here are some timing tips:

All year round

Permanent exhibitions and chieftain’s houses are always available during our opening hours. Here you should calculate approx. 2 hours. You can get by with less, but with about 2 hours you have time to listen to the exhibitions, watch the film, talk to guides/craftsman and study the interior and architecture of the chieftain’s house.


During the main season there are several activities at the activity area and the Viking ship port: Allow about 1-2 hours extra so that you have plenty of time to see the Viking ship and the Viking ship port, as well as participate in activities. It is approx. 1400 meters to walk on foot from the chieftain’s house to the activity area. The road down is gravel and has some steep sections. Allow about 20 minutes each way. Sailing or rowing takes about 30 minutes (and you may have to wait your turn). The activities are led by our Vikings. Calculate that you may have to wait a bit for your turn, as well as a few minutes for each activity.


A meal break in the café, the chieftain’s house or the skjelterskjåen café also requires extra time.

The Viking Festival

The festival takes place every year in August. Then there is extra work going on and you should calculate several hours at the museum.


The weather can be changeable in Lofoten, also in summer. Due to large outdoor areas and many nice roads to walk, feel free to dress wind and waterproof if conditions warrant it. The footpaths are gravel and you can push a stroller along the roads / paths.


Bring your own smartphone and earphones.

In the permanent exhibitions: archaeological objects, facts, films and in the main film “The Dream of Borg” you need a smartphone. Using this and our audio guide system, you will be guided through the exhibitions.

You can choose from 6 different languages (Norwegian, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian). The audioguide system is Wi-Fi powered and you use our network. Thus, no costs.


It is nice if you want to take pictures in the museum, but please do not use flash in the exhibitions. It is important to pay attention to the other guests visiting the museum. Privacy is important and sharing photos of others without consent is illegal.

Do you want to share the photos on social media?  Here are some tags you can use to share them with us:

#Lofotrvikingmuseum #lofotr #21museer1000historier

Wardrobe and luggage

Unfortunately, we have no wardrobe or the possibility of storing luggage.

This cannot be brought into the exhibition in the arrivals facility or the chieftain’s house:

– Large backpacks and wheelie suitcases

– Shoes with stingers/spikes

Toilets and changing rooms

You will find adapted toilets with changing areas for children in the arrivals facility and upstairs in the chieftain’s house. 

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks can be purchased and enjoyed in the museum café. During the summer season we serve food both in the arrival facilities, the chieftain’s house and in the shell shop down by the activity area / Viking ship harbour.

There are some picnic areas in our outdoor area where you can enjoy brought food.

NB: Food and drink brought along is not allowed on our premises, neither in the café, arrival facility or in the chieftain’s house.


The network Audioguide is available in the arrival facility

Lost property

Lost property is delivered to the ticket point, and can be picked up at the arrival facility. All lost property is stored for approx. 1 month.

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