Særimnes spekemat

Særimne’s Cured Meats

Særimne is the hog which is eaten each day when Odin invites to the table. Mysteriously the hog is returned to life again, every evening.

Særimnes Cured Meats is an exclusive light lunch consisting of juniper-smoked salmon and assorted cured meats with delicious trimmings. The meal is served in the Viking Chieftain´s longhouse, around the fire.
2 – 2,5 hours (incl. exhibition, movie and meal)
15 - 200 people

Særimne’s Cured Meats

Pris (2022): NOK 620,- per person.


NOK 50,-/ glass.
NOK 90,-/ glass.
Red wine
NOK 70,-/ glass.
Beer (small)
NOK 30,-/ glass.
Beer (large)
NOK 60,-/ glass.
Blueberry juice
NOK 20,-/ glass.

Note: Mead does contain Alcohol. Drinks that contains alcohol will not be served to people under the age of 18.

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