Sett seil brynje-element

Set sail

The Viking ship Vargfotr is a replica of the well-known Gokstad ship.

The ship was found in a burial mound in Sandefjord, and was no less than 23.8 metres long.

Vargfotr is a smaller version of the Gokstad ship. From the Viking ship moorings, we arrange brief sailings in historic waters. These trips are led by the captain, but there will be other Vikings on board, too, all of them qualified to sail the ship. If it is calm, you will have to take to the oars and row, just like the Vikings would have done.

Avaliable: spring, summer and autumn. Subject to weather conditions.
Duration: approx. 30 minutes per trip. Time to walk from the Viking Chiesftain longhouse (20 min. each way) in addition
Tour 1 (max 12 persons): 6000 NOK
Tour 2: 4000 NOK
Tour 3: 4000 NOK

TEL: +47 76 15 40 00