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The Boathouse

The remains of several boathouses have been recorded near the Borgpollen fjord. The replica at Borg is based on a find from Rennesøy in Rogaland and has been adapted for the Viking ship Lofotr. The boathouse is open to the public in summer.

The remains of several boathouses have been recorded near Borg. The nearest is about 900 metres as the crow flies northwest of the Chieftain’s Farmstead. For the most part, the boathouse remnants date back to the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. At Rennesøy in Rogaland, a boathouse was excavated which may have housed a ship about the size of the Gokstad ship.

The replica here at Borg is therefore based on these excavations. The only change made in relation to the Rennesøy boathouse is that the width of the boathouse at Borg was increased by 1 metre in order to accommodate Lofotr. The local topography required an inverted floor plan. The boathouse is 29.6 metres long from gable to gable. The walls are slightly curved, so the width in the middle is 6.8 metres, while at the foremost gable it is 5.9 metres and at the back 4 metres. One of the longer walls protrudes 3.2 metres in front of the gable. This has been a common feature of the boathouses that have been excavated and appears to apply to Rennesøy, too.

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