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Settlers from the North / Alf Ragnar Nielsen

Iceland was also colonised by northerners. People from Hålogaland and Namdal made a lasting impression in Iceland. “Colonisation from the North – Emigration from northern Norway to Iceland during the Viking Age” was published by Orkana Akademisk. The book is a collaborative project involving the University of Nordland and Lofotr Viking Museum.

Iceland was populated for the first time towards the end of the 800s, and most of those who went there were Norwegians. Almost all historians who have previously written about this, have considered the western regions of Norway, Vestlandet, to be the origin of the emigration. But if we study the oldest Icelandic sources closely, we see that a significant number of them also came from northern Norway. Olaf Tvennumbruni and Åshild from Vestvågøy were far from alone. Indeed, we know of over 30 other families from Andøy in the north to Namdalen in the south who also emigrated.

The book presents and discusses emigration and settlement: Who were the northern settlers? Why did they leave and where did they leave from? Where in Iceland did they settle? And what conditions were they met with? The book, which was published by Orkana Akademisk, is richly illustrated with images from Iceland.

The author Alf Ragnar Nielssen is originally from Lofoten. He is Professor of History at the University of Nordland and Professor II at Lofotr Viking Museum. Alf Ragnar Nielssen has previously had published several books and articles about, amongst other things, the fisheries and the history of Lofoten. The book is on sale at the museum shop.

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