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Food and drinks - for individuals

During the Viking Age, the food cooked over an open fireplace would have consisted of fish, game, and meat from one’s own livestock. Additionally, grain, dairy produce, herbs, and various types of plants were used in the preparation of food. The Vikings also commonly cultivated cabbage, flax, onions, nettles, and turnips.

We offer local ingredients in the products sold in the Museum Gift Shop and in the meals prepared by our Vikings. During daily working hours, warm Viking Age lamb soup is available in the Glasshouse all year round. Viking feasts are arranged almost every evening in the Feast Hall of the Chieftain’s House where, in the summer, we bring the soup to boil over the open fire. In the high season (15 June - 15 August), the Museum Café is also open, as is the Skjeltersjåen Café near the Viking Ship Harbour.

Groups may order different types of meals/Viking feasts, lunches, and other types of food and drink all year round.

Viking Meals

Travelling in time makes one hungry. For those who are too few to be classed as a group, we also have a number of alternatives in both the Museum Café (summer) and in the Chieftain’s House (every evening all year round, plus at lunchtime in summer). Groups of over 15 people are requested to contact us well in advance, so that we can customise your Viking meal/event.


The Museum Café

The Museum Café

June 1st. — August 31st.

Skjeltersjåen Café

Skjelterskjåen Café

June 15th. — August 15th. (NB changes may occur due to Covid-19)

The Chieftain’s House

The Chieftain’s House

On request.

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