Tufta brynje-element

Tufta — The Original Site

In the near vicinity of the longhouse we find the original site, the place where the Chieftain’s House actually stood during the period from about 500 to 900 A.D. The original site where the longhouse stood shows how the rooms were laid out in the Chieftain’s House / longhouse during the Viking Age. When excavations were brought to a close, the original site was clearly marked out on the ground, so that you can see where the turf wall and various rooms were located, and how big the longhouse was.

There are a number of sites in the area which show that people lived here both prior to the building of the Chieftain’s House and after it had been demolished. Pleasant pathways link the museum grounds together and at certain locations there are information boards with details of cultural heritage linked to the Viking Age. Exploring the ground is exciting when you know a little bit about what to look for in order to discover the activities of former times.

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