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The Vikings were skilled sailors and boat builders. The longship can be considered as the symbol of the Viking Age and represents the key to the Vikings success in the period 800 and 1050 CE. With these ships, the Vikings sailed to trade, reaching and exploring countries far away from the Scandinavian countries.

At Lofotr Viking Museum you get the opportunity to sail or row on the Viking ship Vargfotr, a Polish copy of the Gokstad ship (890s). The ship was built in 2000 and is 65% of the size of the Gokstad ship.

To understand how extraordinary these ships were and how skilled boat builders the Vikings were, just think of the places reached by sailing with these ships. The Vikings crossed the Atlantic to Iceland, Greenland and Vinland. To the east, they traveled via Russian rivers to the Caspian Sea and about the Black Sea to Constantinople (Byzantium). Archaeological finds indicate that the Vikings at Borg had also travelled far away, both on trading voyages and perhaps also on other types of journeys.


  • The Viking ship Vargfotr sails in Borgpollen in the period 15.06 – 31.08
  • Boat trip every day 12:00-19:00 (15.06 – 15.08) and 12:00-17:00 (16.08 – 31.08)
  • New sailing trip every 30 minutes
  • Registration for the sailing trip is reported to the boat crew at the boathouse. The boathouse is located in the harbor area, 15-20 minutes walk from the Chieftain’s House.
  • The sailing trip can only be booked as a group.

The Viking ship does not sail with bad weather conditions.



The boathouse reconstructed here at Borg is based on the boathouse excavated at Rennesøy in Rogaland. The boathouse is 29.6 meters long with the largest middle width of 6.8 meters.


At the quay, a femkeiping is on display. The femkeiping at Borg is a reconstruction of the largest of three small boats found together with the Gokstad ship.


Several boathouse sites have been archaeologically recorded near Borgpollen dating mainly to the Late Iron Age and Middle Ages.


Boathouse at Lofotr Viking Museum

Explore more about boathouses and their use in the Viking Age.

Borgpollen – The Chieftain's Harbour

In the Viking Age, Borgpollen’ssea level was higher than now. When the sea level dropped at the end of the Viking Age, it became more difficult for boats and ships to sail and row into the inner part of Borgpollen.

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