Easter holidays

Who stole the Viking Chieftain's horse? Extra activities for families. 

The Viking Chieftain and the lady of the house at Lofotr lived in the longest longhouse ever found - not only in Lofoten but in the world of the Vikings. They kept animals at their farm, probably pigs, sheep, cows, chickens and horses. 

The horse was very important. They could carry more than the Vikings and were vital to farm work. 

But now!! The finest stallion of the Viking Chieftain has gone missing! The Viking Chieftain is in desperate need of help to find the thief. Follow the leads given to you through the museum - and it might be you that help the Viking Chieftain. 

The activity is suitable for all families, and is conducted in English and Norwegian language. The activity takes place on the following days: 

Tuesday April 12th
Wednesday April 13th
Thursday April 14th
Friday April 15th
Saturday April 16th

The museum exhibition, the museum cafe and the gift shop are also open. 

Hvem har stjålet høvdingens hest? Rebus for familien
Hvem har stjålet høvdingens hest? Rebus for familien i påsken.
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